My journey with the Tarot.

    Twenty-five years ago, a close friend handed me a deck of Tarot cards and asked if I’d join her in a weekend workshop to learn how to read them. That class began my journey with the tarot and a whole world of magic✨

   As I continued with my day job and raising a family, my practice remained solely for myself, family and close friends. Realizing how much the Tarot had assisted me with decisions and situations over the years, it soon sparked my desire to help others in the same manner.

   I’ve committed myself to this journey of light and through my readings, I hope to inspire all who seek peace and empowerment. 


What is tarot, you ask?

   The Tarot is a divinatory tool that can help read the energy most prevalent around you, at the time of your reading, both conscious and subconscious. It is a guide for providing practical advice when it comes to understanding life lessons and is helpful for determining direction, decisions and choices in situations and circumstances, in our lives. The tarot is useful in showing us the current path we are on and the likely outcome (future) should we choose to do nothing. It is important to know that as humans, we have free will. Should we not like the outcome presented to us by the cards, we can consciously choose to change it! 

   When reading the cards, my intention is always for the highest good of the Universe, including for that of the person I am reading. Although some people may misuse the tarot, I do not believe that there is anything “bad” or “evil” in the tarot. There is only information. 

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience!    

     In light,

          Nancy ✨


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